Axial Cassette Seal

Radial shaft seals that are used in off-road vehicles, or construction and agricultural machinery are subjected to extreme loads. In such applications, dirt from outside poses a great threat to the rotating shaft along with high speeds, high temperatures and additive oils. To prevent these threats, an axial cassette seal has been designed by NOK-Freudenberg with a radial shaft seal and a permanently bonded integral counterface. High-quality elastomer composite materials are used for the sealing lip, while a grease chamber filled with special grease ensures adequate lubrication of the dust and excluder lips. 

In addition to the improved sealing function, the main advantage of the axial cassette seal is the fact that there is no need for extensive treatment of the shaft or special separate counterfaces prior to initial installation. It is easy to install and there is no danger of damaging the sealing lip. What's more, the surface of the shaft does not have to be reworked during maintenance.

The axial cassette seal is an oil seal applied to the engine rear / front of diesel engines in trucks and buses. Axial cassette seal is a special and unique design of a traditional cassette seal. 

As the traditional cassette seal is a radial seal, the axial cassette seal is designed as an axial seal which provides new benefits to the engine. The axial cassette seal has proven to endure over 1.5 million miles with reduced friction, minimized power-loss and improved fuel consumption. In combination with the production philosophy, the high material standards and the new design by NOK-Freudenberg, it is safe to say the axial cassette seal is an ideal solution for your application.