Yunnei Power Tech Day in Kunming

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Trade Show
Yunnei Power Tech Day in Kunming

On July 18th 2013, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) held a Tech Day at Yunnei Power at Kunming City. Yunnei Power was established since 1956. They are market leader of light diesel engine in China.

At the Tech Day, NFC showed new products and technologies as well as existing ones to Yunnei Power. Yunnei Power was satisfied with this Tech day and asked many questions about products and technology. Yunnei were really interested in NFC’s products and really would like to go on with NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) in the future.

NFC Changchun Plant Section Manager, Mr. Yu Dingsan (Right Second) showed the products to the engineers from Yunnei Power

NFC Deputy Senior Manager, Mr. Liu Yongqiang (Middle) explained the technology to engineers from Yunnei Power