Quality Makes Excellence

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Quality Makes Excellence

Chongqing, China

Quality makes excellence. NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) (NFC)’s being awarded at Chang’an Ford Automobile Co., Ltd ( CAF)  in 2017 is the best testimonial to this description. On Mar. 16th 2017, NFC was honorable to get “ 2017 Quality Excellence Award”  from CAF. On behalf of NFC, Susan Xiong, the account manager and Shufang Wang, the production unit manager, received the award at Crowne Plaza Hotel Chongqing.

Established on Apr. 25th 2001 and located in Chongqing, China, as a famous automobile OEM, CAF is a joint venture between Chongqing Chang’an Automobile Company Limited and Ford Motor Company. Since 2003, NFC has maintained solid business relationship with CAF by supplying a broad range of sealing products, which are for key applications and are eventually used in a series of well-known passenger cars.

Good quality deserves compliments, while long-lasting good quality deserves award. It is the 2nd time for NFC to get the award at CAF due to its quality stability as standing out of 565 candidates. For nearly 2 years, the performance indicators such as PPM, QR and delivery record have been excellent.

With the development of Chinese automotive market, CAF has become more and more important to NFC. Thanks to its ongoing efforts and great support from parent companies, NFC is confident of deepening collaboration with CAF by continuously offering localized and valuable sealing products and solutions.

The Trophy of "2017 Quality Excellent Award"