NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Outstanding Logistics Service”

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Corporate Event
NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Awarded “Outstanding Logistics Service”

On Dec. 4th 2015, NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. (Referred to as: NFGS) got the award of “Outstanding logistics service” from GETRAG (Jiangxi) Transmission Co., Ltd ( Referred to as: GETRAG) in Chengdu. This award was given by GETRAG’s purchasing department as a result of joint evaluation by its production, planning and logistics department. Totally 3 companies including NFGS got the award.

GETRAG (Jiangxi) Transmission Co., Ltd, the powerful combination between GETRAG CORPORATE GROUP (Germany) and Jiangling Motor Groups Company (China), was set up in Nanchang in January 2007, as one of the excellent world class suppliers for transmission and technical service. Since 2015, its capacity of transmission has been developing dramatically and NFGS has cooperated with it for some important projects.

The award is greatly attributed to NFGS’s Wuxi and Changchun plant. And its logistics department also granted much support to help it eventually get this honor. The award implies NFGS’s outstanding service quality. And NFGS has accumulated a lot of advantages and competitive edges even for the projects in the future.

“As a strategic supplier of GETRAG, NFGS will continuously offer satisfactory supply chain service and new project management know how so that NOK-Freudenberg’s branding value can be further elevated,” said Stanley Yu, business unit manager in NFGS.