NOK-Freudenberg (China) Got Two Awards from Volkswagen

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NOK-Freudenberg (China) Got Two Awards from Volkswagen

  Valuing high on Ambition, Winning to all’s Expectation

Although the growth tempo for 2019 automotive market is slowing down, guided by its value of “warm-heartedness and technology” as well as its reliable product quality,  NOK-Freudenberg (China) (NFC) , has blazed a way through the less optimistic market environment and got 2 awards from its key customer Volkswagen Group, the world-renowned automotive OEM.

At VWATJ award ceremony, Mr. Zhao Xianyang (Left), AI Region Area Sales Manager;
Ms. Wang Lei (Middle), AI Regional Manager of North China;  Mr. Wang Haidong (Right), Chuangchun NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co., Ltd Quality Management Department Deputy Dept. Manager.

In July 2019, Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (VWATJ) awarded NFC "Best Quality Supplier" and Volkswagen FAW Engine (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (VWEDL) awarded NFC "Stable Quality" award. These two awards are the testimonials of  NFC's comprehensive technical strength and commercial capability, laying a solid foundation for its further cooperation with the customers. The award evaluation process was rigorous. VWATJ set up a complete supplier evaluation system, ranging from project development stage, in-plant production, to after-sales quality and so on. NFC won this award out of 239 suppliers thanks to its excellent quality performance. And its sales grew from 136,000RMB in 2015 to 10 million RMB in 2019.

At the awarding ceremony, VWEDL expressed its appreciation and acknowledgement for NFC's quality performance of "0 PPM(parts per million)" in the past three consecutive years. It invited NFC to deliver speech and participate the forum as an outstanding supplier represent at this year’s Supplier Quality Day event , to share its successful experiences with VWEDL’s other suppliers. This award has undergone a series of strict evaluation process. VWATJ has set up a complete supplier quality evaluation system, which evaluates all suppliers from project development stage, in-plant production, after-sales quality and other aspects. NFC has won this award out of 239 suppliers for its excellent quality performance, and achieved sales growth from 136,000 RMB in 2015 to 10 million RMB in 2019 in four years. VWEDL expresses its appreciation and affirmation for NFC's quality performance of "0 PPM" in the past three consecutive years, and invites NFC to give keynote speech and symposium as an outstanding supplier representative at this year's Supplier Quality Day event, to share successful experiences with other suppliers of VWEDL.

Based in Germany, Volkswagen is a well-known large-scale multinational car manufacturer. It is also one of the world's four biggest automobile manufacturers. For a long time, its sales revenue has been ranking in the first place. As early as in the beginning of 1990s, Volkswagen entered the Chinese market and since then, it has maintained a good reputation for its outstanding workmanship and stable quality. As a benchmarking enterprise, Volkswagen is strict with the standards of the supplied parts and components. 

As earlier as the 1990s, NFC started to cooperate with Volkswagen, supplying localized products and services to its domestic factories. NFC’s products directly supply to its various engines and gearbox models. Its leading technology and stable product quality has gained recognition and trust from Volkswagen. So far, NFC has cooperated with Volkswagen on 16 engine/gearbox/electric motor projects involving Volkswagen internal combustion engines, hybrid and electric vehicles. These products are applied in almost all the models made in China by Volkswagen/Audi brand. NFC’s sales revenue forecast in 2019 is 120 million RMB. In addition to conventional parts and services, NFC also provides a series of technical solutions to Volkswagen as its strategic partner. Through its rich product knowledge, professional technical know-how, first-class sales and service team and highly responsive supply chain network system, NFC has become one of the most trusted partners for Volkswagen. The rigorous and pragmatic  behaviors, whose culture are inherited from Germany and Japan, has enabled NFC to better understand the industrial ideas of German enterprises, thus to better respect and integrate into the corporate culture of Volkswagen.

VWEDL “Stable Quality” award certification

"Warm-heartedness, technology and quality" is the essence of NFC values.

It is  "Warm-heartedness", that makes our team move ahead with high morale, achieving success by working closely with each other.

It is "technology", that makes our products lead the world-leading, reliable and premium, guiding the market trend through innovation.

It is "warm-heartedness and technology" , that makes NFC family keep going ahead,  winning in the market by " premium quality". 

Ms. Wang lei, AI Regional Manager of North China, received the award on the stage in behalf of NFC

Ms. Jin Yinji, Quality Management Department Dept. Manager from Chuangchun NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co., Ltd was sharing the NFC quality management experience.    

Looking ahead, we will continue to make new achievements and maintain strategic partnership with Volkswagen, in terms of cost optimization, product innovation, technological upgrading and after-sales services.  With the upgrading of traditional automobile industry and the wide popularity of  digitalization, intellectualization and internet of everything (IOE), NFC will confidently innovate hand in hand with customers to create a win-win situation, to contribute to the rapid development of China's automobile industry.

The future is yet to come. The future is for sure to come. Determined, we are destined to rise!