NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) Awarded “Excellent Supplier” from Wuhu Tianyou

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NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) Awarded “Excellent Supplier” from Wuhu Tianyou

On May 18th 2013, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) (NFC) was awarded “Excellent Supplier” at the supplier conference staged by Wuhu Tianyou Automotive Engineering Limited Company.

Wuhu Tianyou is an automobile parts supplier , mainly producing shock absorbers and supplying them to the OEMs such as Cherry, Lotus, the Hainan Mazda automobile, Lifan, as well as BAIC. Its annual output reaches approximately 1550 thousand sets, amongst which the products supplied to Cherry cover 60% of the total output. NFC supplies shock absorber sealing products to them and its products are highly recognized by Wuhu Tianyou, of which the rubber parts are exempted from inspection.

NFC stood out of 83 candidates and won the honor this time. The award partially attributes to its lasting support to Wuhu Tianyou during their new products development phase, and partially due to the fact that it has helped Wuhu Tianyou smoothly completed production in time under sudden capacity pressure thanks to its excellent quality control level of the sealing products. Together with other 2 suppliers, NFC was awarded “Excellent Supplier”, an honor jointly entitled by Wuhu Tianyou’s purchasing, quality control, warehousing and design department.

“Over recent years, Wuhu Tianyou has actively kept expanding the market. With the development of Wuhu Tianyou in automotive market, as its strategic supplier, the market share of NFC’s sealing products will be gradually expanded too by a deeper penetration to OEMs, parts and component manufacturers. Moreover, with the ongoing output growth of Cherry, which is the end customer of Wuhu Tianyou, it will accomplish more in 2013 and as a result, NFC can advance its progress accordingly,” Said Qian Qiong, the sales office manager of local key account, who received the award on behalf of NFC.