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Corporate Event
NOK-Freudenberg Awarded “Outstanding Supplier for Rationalization”

On Mar. 18th 2016, NOK-Freudenberg Group Trading (China) Co., Ltd. (NFGT) was awarded “ Outstanding Supplier for Rationalization” at Panasonic Motor (ZhuHai)Co.,Ltd. ( Panasonic.) It is the 2nd time for NFGT to be awarded and in total 3 companies got this honor. Masao Suzuki, General Manager of NFGT, received this award on behalf of NFGT.

Panasonic is the market leader in robot automation industry. The business relationship between Panasonic and NFGT started in latter half of 2014. NFGT mainly supplies radiamatic seals applied in motors of robots to them. As one of the mother companies of NOK-Freudenberg, NOK Corporation has forged long-year business relationship with Panasonic, and thanks to it, Panasonic places trust in NFGT. Since 2014, relevant oil seals have entered mass production for Panasonic step by step, a good testimonial to NFGT’s superior product quality.

To date, the business collaboration between Panasonic and NFGT has been around for 2 years. Since the end customers of Panasonic are the companies from precision manufacture sectors who produce automatic machineries and smart phones etc, NFGT highly regards them and will make ongoing efforts to support the development of these emerging sectors.

Masao Suzuki (right), GM of NFGT, recieves the award.