Merkel NOK Freudenberg Relocation Opening Ceremony

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Merkel NOK Freudenberg Relocation Opening Ceremony

On February 4th, 2015, Merkel NOK Freudenberg Co., Ltd. (MNF) – the manufacturing division located in Taicang City of NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA (NFC) welcomed its new location’s opening ceremony. All the staffs from MNF, the management board from NFC and relevant personnel from Freudenberg Group as well as relevant officials from Taicang’s economic development area participated the ceremony. Mr. Masanobu Kobayashi, the CEO of NFC, Mr. Berthold Kramer, the general manager of MNF, Mr. Koch, the legal representative of MNF and concurrently the division Manager of Merkel Division of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies and Mr. Yuanfeng Xia, the Vice Director of Administrative Committee of Taicang Economic Development Area made important speeches.

Ribbon Cutting

Mr. Masanobu Kobayashi (Right), the CEO of NFC

Mr. Yuanfeng Xia, the Vice Director of Administrative Committee of Taicang Economic Development Area

Mr. Edgar Michl(Middle), the new general manager of MNF received the gift from MFF

Mr. Berthold Kramer, the general manager of MNF was interviewed by TCTV

All staffs of MNF

10 years ago, Freudenberg Group and NOK Corporation decided to set up MNF in aim to supply products and services to rapidly developing heavy industry market in China as well as localize sales and production. Over 10 years, the growth of heavy industry has been keeping on good momentum with expanding market scale. MNF stays close to its customers and always meets customers’ demands by its strong creativity capability, highly functional material and product, top-notch production technology, stable and excellent quality as well as high flexibility. As a result, MNF has built up a good reputation in Chinese market.

In order to respond to Taicang’s municipal planning request, MNF has been relocated this time. The new location lies in the Taicang Demonstration Park of Sino-German Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. MNF is within the name list of the 1st batch relocation enterprises there. The new location of MNF marks a prosperous start for its further business expansion. The size of the new location has doubled and the production line has further expanded. In addition to continue focusing on heavy industry, MNF will launch new business in terms of various market segments with more spacious workshops and more reasonable space planning. In 2015, MNF will launch new project for PTFE seals and large diameter oil seals which will be supplied to automotive industry. Furthermore, the office area also takes a brand new look. More humanistic facilities have been equipped for its staffs.

The opening ceremony was a big success and it adds a wonderful chapter into MNF’s history. All the employees will embrace the new vision in the new environment. And they sincerely wish MNF have a more thriving business in the near future.