1st Family Day of Changchun NOK-Freudenberg

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Corporate Event
1st Family Day of Changchun NOK-Freudenberg

In aim to set up a company-wide communication platform to enhance openness and communication, NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co., Ltd. (CNF) successfully launched a family day event in its 1st plant on Oct 25 2014. 10 employee families from different departments of CNF participated with passion and enthusiasm, expecting to explore the wonderfulness of oil seals, which business are what their family members are working for.

During the event, Mr. Karagics, the general manager of CNF, together with all other accompanying managers either of the positions of deputy dep. managers or above, made the presentation, led the plant visit, did the games and interesting Q&A for the families, to let them know about CNF in a relaxed and delightful atmosphere. Employees and their families also had the opportunities to display their talents during the process.  Under such atmosphere, people were immersed in joyfulness, singing, dancing and making performances. During the plant tour, the responsible managers introduced the plant by themselves, explaining each department’s function and work flow patiently, to let the families know about CNF in a more direct and vivid way. The happy day has offered a chance to make the supervisors and subordinates get closer, too. At lunch time, all families ate at canteen to experience real work which their family members are experiencing daily. Having lunch together, all the people found their heart filled with contentment and happiness.

“My father once worked for CNF for many years. Now I am working here and growing with CNF. I hope my daughter can join CNF too in the future,” said Mr. Shuai Li, the employee from technical dep. “I shall study hard. After I grow up, I will join this company. I like here", said the daughter of Ms. Jing Ma, the employee from production dep. “Before coming here, I had never known the working environment of my son. Now I’ve witnessed it. I feel comfortable and I have told him to work hard with a down-to-earth attitude", said the father of Mr. Kunlun Zhang, the employee from production dep. People warmly expressed their ideas and they were encouraged and motivated greatly to work harder.

The family day finished successfully and everyone was smiling. “It has far-reaching significance. The employees can let their families know about the working environment more profoundly, understand the company culture as well as support and promote the development of CNF.  And CNF hopes more employees can get close to the company, understand it, and support it, to build up a brighter future, together with their families,” said Mr. Karagics.

Production unit manager Ms. Wang Shufang is greeting the family members at CNF gate.

The children take photo with Mr. Karagics, the GM of CNF.

Production unit manager Ms. Wang Shufang (Left first) is introducing the manufacturing procedures at oil seal workshop.

Preparation Dept. Manager Mr. Du Yancheng (Right first) is introducing the rubber work flow at rubber workshop.

Maintenance Dept. employee Liu Wanli's daughter is showing her talent in playing the violin.

Preparation Dept. employee Mr. Luan Yong is introducing his family.

Production Dept. Employee Mr. Zhang Kunlun's father is singing a song - "white poplar".

The employees and their family are autographing the billboard to accept as a souvenir.