“We are together” – the 10-Year Anniversary & Annual Party of NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) Sales Channel

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“We are together” – the 10-Year Anniversary & Annual Party of NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) Sales Channel

January 31st 2015 was an ordinary day for most people. Whereas, for the employees from NOK-FREUDENBERG (China) (NFC), it was a joyful and memorial day. The 10-year anniversary and annual party of NFC sales channels was held in Shanghai. The employees from NFC sales channel including Hong Kong gathered together and jointly celebrated this wonderful moment.

As a joint venture formed between NOK Corporation and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, NFC is serving the growing automotive and general industries in China with its cutting-edge sealing products and solutions.  Time has passed by and over these 10 years, NFC has recorded a remarkable growth, establishing numerous milestones in between with its business keeping expanding since its sales channel founded in 2015. At present, NFC possesses 10 sales offices and 3 plants with a 3000-strong workforce. To satisfy the growing demand from customer side, NFC has made unceasing efforts to expand its production lines over these years. The accomplishments include purchasing NSP’s O-Ring factory in 2010 and the launch of assembly line for bonded piston seals in WNF in 2012.By doing this, NFC has been able to get closer to its customers to provide superior sealing products and services, which endeavors are a reflection of its business philosophy.

The theme of the party – “we are together” not only implied the company’s 10-year history, but also expressed its appreciation to the dedication of its employees, who have been keeping steps with the company for growing. So to speak it, it’s the company that drives employee growth and it is the employees that contribute to the development of the company. The party was a big success. Employees from different sales offices made their self-acting performances, some of that are so funny to make everybody burst into laughter.

Recalling the past ten years, NFC is grateful for its efforts.

Looking ahead to the future, NFC is expectant to make new accomplishments with its employees as one.


Mr. Suzuki (Middle), General Manager, expresses appreciation during the speech

Outstanding Employee Award 2014 winners

Outstanding Team Performance Award 2014 winner – Truck & Bus AI Dept.

The 10-year anniversary and annual party