Quality and Production

NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) can provide quality and reliable solutions through three certified, state-of-the-art production sites; Changchun, Taicang and Wuxi. With a long history of exploring the many aspects of production, these production sites are operated with extensive knowledge and experience. Each location has not only been properly certified, but many of our major customers have audited our production processes and awarded certificates that verify our quality.

Such quality is a reflection of the global localization standards applied to our production processes. As the global innovation leader in sealing technologies, we firmly enforce these standards to provide our clients in China with identical high-performance products available in Japan, Europe or America. NOK Corporation and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies conduct extensive internal process tests to verify the replication of materials, machinery, processes and inspection methods as their other production sites.

Only with our passion for details can we provide the high performance solutions that our customers can utilize confidently. 

  1. Rotation tester for oil seals
  2. Hydraulic vertical vibration system for bonded piston seals
  3. Boot normal temperature tester for boots
  4. Boot high and low temperature tester for boots
  5. S/A endurance tester for shock absorbers
  6. Valve stem seal general tester for endurance testing
  7. SEM-EDS analyzers to test unknown particles in a product
  8. Salt water spray tester for rust production on metal cases
  9. Low temperature material tester
  10. Ozone endurance tester for materials


Summary of Environmental Policy

NFC plants are committed to protecting the environment by proactively taking actions to reduce pollution with environmental management systems and compliance to legal regulation. We are focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Setting goal to reduce the negative impact on the environment
  2. Target waste reduction year over year
  3. Compliance with the law to ensure no environmental accident

There objectives are implemented in key areas

  1. Reduce energy (electricity & gasoline) to lower impact of CO2
  2. Waste reduction supporting natural resources – water, recycle volume, landfill
  3. Reduce VOC’s
  4. Energy saving initiatives


Summary of Safety and Health Management Policy

NFC plants are dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment. We want to create an accident free atmosphere through safe work conditions, training, and awareness. Our objective is to have zero accidents, including traffic, fire or explosion through awareness and following safety rules.