Advanced Product Engineering

It is important to us, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA), to always be one step ahead in innovation, providing customers with the best products consistent with their specific needs.

We offer a joint competence drawn from both NOK Corporation and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. In collaboration with the research services and technical support, we continuously search for opportunities to advance our products to new levels. Currently, our global companies are working toward developing sealing components for Lithium battery systems and fuel cell systems used in electric vehicles (EVs) , hybrid electric vehicles(HEVs) and fuel cell vehicles.

Not only do we look forward toward innovative ideas, we never overlook the importance of exploring within our capabilities. Our zero-error quality and philosophy inspires the Continuous Improvement Program which is enforced to find potential development and to lower total costs. Our product engineers persist in polishing the product line by analyzing the materials, investigating previous models and following worldwide standards in product design.

As our customer, you can expect us to not only stay current with the newest technologies, but to also provide reliable and unparalleled solutions for your industry.