NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) has a long tradition in China

First Steps into the Chinese Market

In the early 20th century, our mother companies began business relations with China for the purchasing of raw materials.

A Beginning to a Global Partnership

NOK Corporation, also known as Nippon Oil Seal Industry Company and Freudenberg of Germany began their successful and long-running partnership.

*Conclusion of the contract in 1960 between Freudenberg and NOK Corporation. From left to right: Richard Freudenberg, Shogo Tsuru.
First Production in China: Changchun NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co., Ltd (CNF)

Founding of NOK-Freudenberg Asia Holding Co., Ltd. in Singapore
Second Production in China: Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co., Ltd. (WNF)
Just three years later a further production plant for oil seals was opened in Wuxi. In less than ten years approx. 1,600 employees are working today at Wuxi NOK-Freudenberg Oil Seal Co. Ltd (WNF)
The Expansion into Sales: NOK-Freudenberg Hong Kong Ltd.
The first sales office, NOK-Freudenberg Hong Kong Ltd., was established in Hong Kong to accommodate the General Industry business development in China, Hong Kong and Macao.
15 years ago

15 years ago 337 employees worked for our company (Production and sales). Today we have around 2,500 employees (8-times higher).

Start into the 21st Century

The Shanghai sales office was established with only 5 employees. Nowadays NFC has 10 sales offices in China with more than 200 sales people.

Third Production in China: Taicang NOK-Freudenberg Sealing Products Co., Ltd. (TNF)
Taicang NOK-Freudenberg Sealing Products Co., Ltd. (TNF) was established in Taicang for manufacturing hydraulic seals for the heavy industry.
Focusing on the Sales Channels

Based on rapidly growing market demands, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) focused their sales channels and established NOK-Freudenberg Group Sales (China) Co., Ltd. to serve automobile customers in China and established NOK-Freudenberg Group Trading (China) Co., Ltd. to serve industrial markets in China.

Attaining the 1 billion RMB Sales Turnover

Following the founding of the sales and trading channels, NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) sales exceeded 1 billion RMB, marking an important milestone.

Integration of NSP O-Ring

NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) integrated the NSP O-Ring plant into Wuxi NOK-FREUDENBERG plant.

Attaining the 2 billion RMB Sales Turnover

Within 4 years of reaching 1 billion RMB in sales, NFC doubled the sales turnover.

Continuing the Expansion of NOK-Freudenberg

Additional factories were opened in both CNF and WNF, expanding to 35,000m² and 38,000m² respectively. Wuxi became the largest sealing plant within our worldwide company. Furthermore we followed the localization strategies of our customers and started the production lines in China with accumulators and bonded piston seals (BPS).

Change the Partnership

NOK and FST (Freudenberg Sealing Technologies) became partnership with each other for NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) which marks for a new milestone for the development of the company.

Magnetic encoder and LSR seals' local production started

Wuxi plant was expanded