Talent Training and Development System in NFC

NFC regards the training and development of local talents as one of its paramount priorities. Our company has tailored a program of local talents' training and development with our own characteristics which effectively accelerates the promotion speed of internal talents. Our company offers equal opportunities and broad platforms for each employee.


Based on the characteristics of different stages for the talents' development, our company has formulated an integrated series of talents' development program and designed a series of concrete projects for that. The examples are induction training for new employees, the vocational proficiency enhancement training for the employees at the production line, overseas training programs for distinguished sales and engineering employees, new managers' training

rogram, High value Contributor Forum, Young Talents China Summit, as well as Chinese Management Circle, etc. Via the resource integration by corporate HR, the training and development programs are constantly adjusted and updated in order to satisfy the needs of business growth and organizational reshuffle. All the programs are customized and classified accordingly to meet with the individualized demands. Thus we can ensure that diversified career paths are always available to the talents.


Through our recent endeavors, a discreet and multi-leveled training system has been established to support our employees' development, thus in a long run serves as a facilitator to a common development of both company side and employee side.


    • CNF | Section Manager of Planning

      Time flies and it has been 15 years since I joined NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA).  Looking back on these years, a lot of sentimental moments came up to my mind. The years with my company are really the happy moments.

    • NFGS | AI Regional Manager of North China

      Thanks a lot to my company for providing me with cross cultural working environment and a career path full of challenges which enables me to give full play to my potential and realize my value.

    • WNF | Design Director & Vice Director of Quality Control

      By working in 7 departments, I have tremendously developed in various aspects in terms of knowledge and working ability. It is NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA) who helped me realize everything.

    • TNF | Section Manager of Process Technology & Maintenance

      Time flies so quickly. 3 years later, I was promoted to vice section manager of maintenance thanks to my knowledge accumulation and constant learning. Keeping learning and moving forward, I will grow with NOK-FREUDENBERG (CHINA).

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